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What does your ceremony fee include?

Simple answer: Everything you need except the officiant and music.

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What is a Minimum Food and Beverage Requirement on a Contract?

Simple answer: A food and beverage minimum requirement is the contracted dollar amount required that the customer must spend.  

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How Much Does a Wedding Cost?

Simple answer: This is a broad question; it depends on what you are hosting. In the simplest form, many couples spend about $100 per person.

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What's Included in your Wedding Package? 

This is the number one question that we are frequently asked.  

Simple answer: Everything needed, plus some extra décor items. Décor includes chair covers with sash and backdrop behind your head table

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Wedding Dress Fashion - 1960's

Stepping into the 1960’s, A-line silhouettes replaced the full-skirts of the ‘50s and empire waists became the most popular cut for a bride. Sweetheart necklines and long sleeves were replaced by high necks, three-quarter lengths and capped sleeves. The Space Age also had influences in bridal fashion, as décor and bridal accessories took on metallic embellishments.

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