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Wedding Dress Fashion - 1960's

Stepping into the 1960’s, A-line silhouettes replaced the full-skirts of the ‘50s and empire waists became the most popular cut for a bride. Sweetheart necklines and long sleeves were replaced by high necks, three-quarter lengths and capped sleeves. The Space Age also had influences in bridal fashion, as décor and bridal accessories took on metallic embellishments.

The 1960’s however saw some changes to bridal couture that would have shocked the more conservative brides. The ‘50s tea-length dress turned into the miniskirt and mod-styled dresses became popular for the trendier bride. Patterns, colours, texture and shape were all something to be played with in the ‘60s.

Fashion influences from the “it girls” of the times, such as Bridgette Bardot and Twiggy, translated into bridal fashion as colourful wedding dresses became popular, with brides opting for pink, blue, yellow and even red gowns. As the ‘60s were coming to a close and the ‘70s approached, the rise in “flower child” fashion made its way into bridal wear. The most popular flower became the daisy, which many brides had incorporated into the pattern of their dresses or in their bridal bouquets.

Watch for our next dress post on 1970 wedding dresses to find out more.


Most Memorable Dresses for the 1960’s: Elizabeth Taylor, 1964

Elizabeth Taylor, not only known for her incredible acting skills but for her many, and I repeat, many weddings. Most notable for us was her 1964 wedding dress. Assembling the most popular trends of the time, Ms. Taylor ditched the traditional white ball gown for a Canary yellow, empire waist, flowy A-line cut, knee length chiffon gown.

To continue to pile on the trends, her oversized scoop neck and over-the-top flower crown embodied the playfulness and experimentation with fashion that the ‘60s was known for. She even had a Watteau train to complete her trendy look.


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