• RebeccaBennettPhotography

Bridal Room

Our brand new bridal room is the perfect place for your ladies to retreat. It’s a wonderfully designed private space to gather your thoughts and relax.

Sorry guys this one is only for the ladies.

Decorated with elegant pillows and throw blankets this space is ideal. Designed with a bar counter for a bottle of champagne and a few snacks, you can begin your special day in this space.

We invite you to enter a beautiful space that is perfect for getting your hair and make-up done before the ceremony or for quick touch-ups before your reception. Use this private secure space to store your personal items or perhaps for a wardrobe change into the evening.

A large LED back lit make up mirror seats two and is great for makeup touch-ups. A large drop chandelier and decadent lighting, all on dimmers, create the exact tone and atmosphere you are looking for. The largest feature is a full length 3 way folding mirror, you can check all your angles to ensure everything is perfect.

Then relax on our custom-built chaise and take your selfies here!


4576 Primrose Road, Chicago, IL 60290