Wedding Garden

We cannot stop talking about how much we love our newly renovated wedding garden! This private space is centrally located near our clubhouse entrance, with doors to the ballroom directly across the driveway. The garden is meticulously maintained by the talented team of horticulturists at Morgan Creek who keep the space looking fresh and bright. The trees that make up the perimeter of the garden provide a sound barrier, making wedding attendees feel as if they are in their own enchanted forest. The flower beds add a subtle fragrance to the space and provide bursts of colour amongst the lush green backdrop. The quality of care is only enhanced by the freshly cut grass and trimmed edging.

The stonework on the stairs and wall create the perfect platform for the couple and their wedding party. The elevated spot makes it easy for all guests to witness the ceremony making sure there’s not a bad seat in the garden. With the concrete pad and aisle, the bride need not be concerned with heels sinking into the ground as they make their way up the aisle and to the top of the garden. The arch provides a focal point and frames the couple and their officiant as they exchange vows and take the first steps forward on this amazing journey, marriage.


Our wedding garden has several optimal photo locations for couples and their wedding party to take advantage of. The garden has two bridges, the main entrance bridge which is used as part of the aisle during the ceremony and the second bridge located on the south side of the garden. The main bridge is one of our most popular spots for wedding party photos, as the garden wraps around three sides of the wooden bridge, creating a lush backdrop. Large enough to accommodate a variety of different group shots. The main bridge is a must have location for the wedding album.

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The second bridge is just a few steps away, with a charming waterfall, flowing below and the main ceremony lawn is the ideal location for group shots, especially if the couple is looking to get a photo with all their wedding guests. No matter where you stand you on the main lawn you are completely enclosed within the garden, making every angle the perfect angle.


Our garden cottage serves a practical purpose of housing our new white, padded garden chairs and was designed to create yet another location for photos. We invite couples to use the cottage as a backdrop and to get creative and playful with the different design elements we have incorporated into the structure. The large front window gives a home-like feeling. The over sized porch wraps around the front of the cottage allowing couples to play with different angles, while the large awning keeps them covered, making the cottage the perfect spot regardless of the weather.

With each passing season, new beauty can be found within our garden. Watch our garden come to life in the spring as bright flowers bloom all around. Join us in the summer when the days get longer, and the sun shines bright and warm. Or feel the crispness of the air as the leaves change colours in the fall. No matter the season our garden is picturesque and bursting with life. We invite you to our spectacular garden oasis, we are sure you will love it just as much as we do!

4576 Primrose Road, Chicago, IL 60290