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The following is a narration of the “We Can do That” service your guests will receive as they flow through the designed guest experience for a wedding at Morgan Creek Golf Course.

As the guests enter the driveway, they will see the polished brass sign indicating that everyone is welcome; this sets the tone for the remainder of their visit. The colorful flowers and foliage that line the driveway and garden, all make an impact as guests arrive. The clear signage let guests know immediately where to park. As they walk up to the clubhouse entrance, they will notice the beautifully manicured, enclosed private wedding garden. Professionally dressed and with a visible name tag, the on-site wedding supervisor is calm and quick to direct the guests to the garden or banquet room. Always smiling and friendly, the wedding supervisor is often the first team member that guests encounter, and their presence will be felt throughout the evening. They are ready to lend a hand, but their presence is never intrusive, always one step ahead and able to anticipate any of the guests needs. Once inside the clubhouse, the guests will be impressed with the fabulous view of the surrounding mountains and the natural light and timber of the clubhouse construction.

If attending a ceremony, guests will enjoy the natural surroundings and the impeccable stonework that make up the wedding garden. They will find details in their surroundings, the flower beds that have been meticulously maintained, the smell of freshly cut grass, the clean white padded garden chairs placed precisely along the paved aisle that the couple will soon walk down. Through the hum of excited chatter, background music softly plays, and the wedding supervisor can be seen making final confirmations of timing with the DJ and officiant. The appearance of the officiant at the front of the garden signals the start of the ceremony and the supervisor signals for the DJ to start the first song. The ceremony has begun.

Following the completion of the ceremony guests will be welcomed to enter the ballroom where they are greeted with background music softly playing. The banquet servers are all professionally dressed in black pants and dress shirt, with a visible nametag. Guests are approached by servers carrying trays, who invite them to try one of the passed canapés that the couple has carefully selected for them. Candlelight is glowing, and the impressive modern fireplace creates a focal point within the ballroom. Guests approach the bar, where a friendly, knowledgeable bartender is ready to prepare the beverage of their choice. The view from the patio is spectacular and each guest will marvel at how picturesque the area is. The patio is clean and tidy, and the tables are covered in a white linen tablecloth with patio chairs inviting you to take a seat.

As the room begins to fill with guests, the presence of the wedding supervisor can be felt as they quietly confirm evening plans with the Master of Ceremonies and the DJ. Each place setting has a tall cool glass of ice water. Soon it will be time for the couple’s grand entrance, guests have been asked to their seats by the master of ceremonies, as the happy couple waits behind closed doors for the supervisor que to enter. The signal has been given, the supervisor opens the doors and the couple is met with welcome cheers as music brings them into the ballroom. The evenings events have only just begun.

Once the couple has taken their seats at the head table and the Master of Ceremonies has had a chance to explain the house rules, guests will be invited to experience firsthand what Morgan Creek is famous for…. the food! Our celebrated chef and his talented team of professionals have created a lavish and mouthwatering dinner that cannot be rivaled anywhere in the lower mainland. The quality and presentation of the food is astonishing.

The supervisor will escort the couple and bridal party to the buffet where they will offer to serve and carry the couples’ plates to avoid any spillage on their suit or dress. While the bridal party is selecting their dinner, guests will be offered one of the outstanding wines that have been specially chosen to complement their meal. Their server engages the guests in polite conversation while they await their turn to the buffet. Guests will notice the ease and efficiency in which they are invited to the buffet by a member of the banquet team; this team member will take a moment to explain that the dinner buffet is labeled and double sided. If they have any questions, the attending server and chef are ready to answer any questions the guests may have. The couple will be amazed at all the small details, and the BIG impression they make.

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As the bridal party returns to the head table they will be offered wine. The supervisor will continue to serve the head table and be available to assist with any other needs the wedding party may have. Their dinner proves to be very relaxing and enjoyable. All the servers have been trained with great care, and their polished appearance as well as their knowledge of correct serving and clearing techniques, all combine to provide an outstanding experience. Exceptional food, fabulous views and excellent service all result in a banquet experience that is second to none.

With an exquisite assortment, the dessert buffet is the perfect ending to the dinner itself. Freshly brewed coffee and tea is offered with a smile, and as the lights are dimmed the mood is further enhanced by the music and candlelight. Guests realize how romantic the setting truly is; they are relaxed, happy and have just enjoyed one of the most memorable wedding receptions ever.

As guests finish their desserts and sip on their coffee, they will be able to enjoy memorable speeches and watch as the couple shares in their first dance together as newlyweds. The guests will then be invited to the dance floor themselves to join the couple in celebration. Not too long after, the guests will catch the scent of something delicious, they will soon learn that the couple has arranged for a late-night snack for them to enjoy. Guests are welcome to enjoy the snack and to refresh their drink at the bar before heading back to the dance floor to dance the night away.

As the guests begin to depart, they once again see the banquet team helping the family members, checking to make sure all the gifts have been packed up. The security and safety of the guests is paramount, and they will appreciate the well-lit parking lot and the presence of the Morgan Creek security staff. As they drive away, they will reflect on the nights events and reminisce about all the fun they had, the meal they enjoyed and the exceptional service they received from the staff at Morgan Creek.

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